Industry 4.0, lloT monitoring, progressive web application

Fast and reliable

Zoomfab is an application suite to help management to run business efficiently. Therefore application must be fast, reliabe and clear. To achieve this technology used must be light, efficient and providing good base to development. Angular is providing us with great approach to fast and dynamic web modification. Typescipt help to prevent mistakes and is greatly improving quality of software. However the most important is how these great technologies are utilised to achieve the goal. We developed unique way to combine locally stored data for blazing fast website rendering and navigation while backround non blocking data updating is keeping information fresh.


Clear and easy to use

Doesn't matter what device is used, application always provides full information adapted to screen size and input type. Data is layed out clearly with focut to easy use. Most important is that application is designed to provide feedback to user at all times. This makes the application trustful and pleasant to work with.


IIoT and monitoring

Internet of things is utilized to collect data about machines from sensors constantly. Automatic data post analysis makes data meaningful to human. Our research in this area makes Zoomfab great tool for real time monitoring, data presentation giving immediate opportunity for improvement and therefore making entire system true Industry 4.0 tool.